SCWPM P141a TBB B276b2 100 Escudos Chilean Banknote About Uncirculated aUNC (1962-75)

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P141a TBB B276b2 G 100 escudos (1962-75) aUNC $ 12.70 In Stock
P141a TBB B276b2 G 100 escudos (1962-75) aUNC $ 12.70 In Stock
Manuel Rengifo, a Chilean Politician. Sailing ships on back. Signatures: Alfonso Inostroza Cuevas & Jaime Barrios Meza. Printer: Casa de Moneda de Chile. No security thread. Watermark: Diego Portales. 178mm x 83mm
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At the heart of the Chamber of Deputies in Chile, you'll find a well-known painting that immortalizes a pivotal moment in history. This artwork depicts the Chilean First National Fleet as it sailed as part of the Liberating Expedition of Peru. The four majestic ships featured in the painting are the Lautaro, Chacabuco, San Martín, and Araucano.

What makes this painting even more intriguing is its creator, Thomas Somerscales. Surprisingly, he was not Chilean but a British-born artist. His journey to becoming a Chilean national "hero" is a captivating tale. Somerscales found himself stranded in Valparaíso due to an unspecified illness during his time as a British sailor. However, his talent and determination led him to learn the art of painting.

Over the course of decades spent in Chile, Somerscales not only honed his painting techniques but also became a revered teacher in Valparaíso and Viña del Mar. His true masterpieces were the remarkable seascapes he created, including the iconic depiction of the Chilean First National Fleet. Somerscales also painted numerous scenes from the War of the Pacific, leaving an indelible mark on Chilean history.

Thomas Somerscales, a relatively lesser-known British painter, gifted Chile with some of its most treasured historical icons. To learn more about this remarkable artist and his journey, you can explore his Wikipedia page here: [Thomas Somerscales Wikipedia](http://https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thomas_Somerscales).
Special thanks to my friend and fellow IBNS (International Bank Note Society) member, Juan Patricio Cáceres, for generously sharing this valuable information with me

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