SCWPM P37a TBB B226a 40 Dollars Solomon Islands Banknote Uncirculated UNC (2018)

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P37a TBB B226a SI40 40 dollars (2018) UNC $ 15.75 In Stock
P37a TBB B226a SI40 40 dollars (2018) UNC $ 15.75 In Stock
Commemorative for the 40th anniversary of independence. Only 100,000 notes were printed by De La Rue. "A call to the nation to come together as one and move forward Safeguard Polymer. Signatures :Denton Hehenoro Rarawa and Fred Fakarii.
Tags: #Commonwealth#commemorative#fish#coral#diver#turtle (suggest tags)
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Man blowing a conch shell in the centre, a traditional instrument of communication. Coat of Arms. Map note. Clear window. Sea life with diver at the centre with girls fishing at left. At front image of Chelonia mydas Green Turtle. Boat.

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