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SCWPM PNew50 TBB B4119a 50 Yuan Chinese Banknote Uncirculated UNC (2018)

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PNew50 TBB B4119a   50 yuan 2018 UNC $ 24.77 In Stock
PNew50 TBB B4119a 50 yuan 2018 UNC $ 24.77 In Stock
Commemorative '70 years of the renminbi' 1948- 2018. Please read longer desciption for more detail. Measures 150 x 70mm. It depicts patterns of tree rings and representative parts of banknotes from the past five sets.
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The design is a tree trunk seen sectioned, showing the tree-rings as an allegory of time and growth: to the left of its core appears a figment of the central design of the five different emissions of this face value (when available, 5 yuans), conveying that the design evolved, naturally, over a long time. Emissions were 1948 , 1953 (no 50 yuans), 1960 (no 50 yuans), 1980, and 1999 -the current one. On the reverse, the headquarter of the People's Bank of China in Beijing. Figments depicted are: 1948 emission: P.805 central section of the obverse; it may also be any of the guilloches in Pk830's obverse. 1953 emission: P.870 -any of the guilloches at the front side of this 10 yuan note -the highest denomination of this series. 1960 emission: P.876 guilloche at the right of the front side of this 5 yuan note -no higher denomination than 10RMB, again. 1980 emission: P.888; guilloche at the left of the back face. This time a 50 yuan note. 1999 emission: Central section of the obverse -Pk900 and Pk906, the latest version of the 50 yuan note. Printer: China Bank Printing and Minting. SPARK denomination. Purple to Green windowed security thread with demetalized Y50. Solid security thread with demetalized 50. Peony flower. 1948 Newspaper. City Skyline. Watermark: Great Wall of China, electrotype 50. Pinyin, Mongolian, Tibetan, Uyghur & Zhang text.

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