SCWPM P41a 10,000 Reis Portugese Banknote Good / Very Good G/VG (1798(1828))

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P41a     10,000 reis 1798(1828) G/VG $ 58.50 In Stock
P41a 10,000 reis 1798(1828) G/VG $ 58.50 In Stock
Red D.Miguel I overprint. Used to pay the the officers of the Duke of Wellington's Army during the Peninsular wars in the North of Portugal. Six nature themed vignettes. Back stamps on reverse. Holes, see scan. Last date digit handwritten.
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For a interesting read about the history of this note please visit: www.thecurrencycollector.com/pdfs/A_Numismatic_Legacy_from_Portugals_War_of_the_Two_Brothers.pdf