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SCWPM PM9 TBB M209a 100 Dollars Malayan Banknote Extremely Fine / About Uncirculated EF/AU (1945)

NB: Image for identification, the serial number you receive may differ if I have more than one

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PM9 TBB M209a MA 100 dollars (1945) EF/AU $ 68.75 In Stock
PM9 TBB M209a MA 100 dollars (1945) EF/AU $ 68.75 In Stock
Red Block letters MA. Japanese Invasion Money. Rubber plantation scene featuring a man tapping rubber from trees, huts, coconut trees, sampan boat. Type 1 - Face plate approximately 154mm wide. Underprint green ribbon starts with '00'
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Underprint is green. Engraving on the face of the note and lithography on the reverse. 'M' with vertical sides. Silk threads in paper. No watermark or security thread in this inflation issue. JNDA 13-78. Printer: Greater Japan Imperial Government. JDNA 13-78. Engraving print on front and lithography print on back. Silk threads.