SCWPM PNew10 TBB B255a 10 Lari Georgian Banknote Uncirculated UNC (2019)

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PNew10 TBB B255a AA 10 lari 2019 UNC $ 10.20 In Stock
PNew10 TBB B255a AA 10 lari 2019 UNC $ 10.20 In Stock
Akaki Tsereteli at right and as watermark with electrotype 10 and lari symbol. Iridescent stripe. University. Holographic stripe with Akaki Tsereteli, map of Georgia & 10. Apple tree blossoms. Bird. Woman from painting "My Mother, 1918" by David Kakabadze
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Excerpt from Akaki Tsereteli's famous poem "Spring" with his autograph, flowering rant and swallow. Spring:
The swallow twittered, shrill and gay,
-Arriving from across the main.
"This spring!' 'This spring!" it called to me;
My heart with hope was filled again.

I flung my window open wide;
How changed and fair was all the world!
And cleaving to my throbbing breast,
Delight its rosy wings unfurled.

Spring's fragrance filled the air; and I
Inhaled the sweetness, and was glad.
The future seemed so rosy that
I cried with joy: "O why be sad!"

I will attain my heart's desire
By wintry frosts made cold and drear;
In wedlock will all nature smile,
And Hymen's anthem will I hear.

Sweet is the essence of the rose;
The violet droops before my eye;
The nightingale her lays of love
Pours forth in thrilling melody.

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