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SCWPM PNIP26 5 Pounds British Banknote Uncirculated UNC (2020)

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PNIP26     5 pounds 2020 UNC $ 10.16 In Stock
PNIP26 5 pounds 2020 UNC $ 10.16 In Stock
Lewes Pound - Featuring Thomas Paine 1768-1774 - Local Currency . Fourth series. Features a child with a telescope. Climate Action. Low serial numbers.
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The Lewes Pound is a creative yet practical way for local people to make money work for Lewes. The Lewes Pound is essentially a voucher or token that can be traded locally as a complementary currency and used alongside Pounds Sterling.

Money spent locally circulates within, and benefits the local economy. Money spent in national chains doesn't. The Lewes Pound encourages demand for local goods and services. In turn this builds resilience to the rising costs of energy, transport and food. The Lewes Pound is the one of UK TRANSITION TOWN to have its own currency following the Totnes Pound in Devon, Brixton Pound in Brixton and Stroud Pound in Gloucestershire.