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SCWPM P374c TBB B180c. 1 Pound British Banknote About Uncirculated aUNC (1962-66)

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P374c TBB B180c. D15R 1 pound (1962-66) aUNC $ 8.28 Sold Out
P374c TBB B180c. D15R 1 pound (1962-66) aUNC $ 8.28 Sold Out
Queen Elizabeth II at right.Signature Jasper Q. Hollom. Banknote Yearbook: BE64c. Duggleby B288 Series C Portrait. Geometric patterns. Printed at the Bank of England Works, Debden, Essex.
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Designed by Robert Austen, R.A.Watermark of continuous laureate heads. Measures 151mm x 72mm.

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