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SCWPM P376c TBB B182c 10 Pounds British Banknote Very Fine VF (1970-77)

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P376c TBB B182c C79 10 pounds (1970-77) VF $ 35.28 In Stock
P376c TBB B182c C79 10 pounds (1970-77) VF $ 35.28 In Stock
Duggleby B326. Banknote Yearbook BE155c. Queen Elizabeth II at right. Seated Britannia. Signature: John B. Page. Series C Portrait. A lion depicted holding a double-sided key in its paw with the words TEN POUNDS in a scroll of paper from its mouth.
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Printed at the Bank of England Works, Debden, Essex. Watermark: Queen's Head. Designer: Reynolds Stone CBE, RDI. The Banknote measures 150mm x 93mm.

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