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SCWPM PA3 TBB B103a 50 Att LAO Banknote About Uncirculated aUNC (1945-46)

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PA3 TBB B103a   50 att (1945-46) aUNC $ 183.00 In Stock
PA3 TBB B103a 50 att (1945-46) aUNC $ 183.00 In Stock
Lao Issara. Free Lao Government. Printer: Phong. Letters VA in corner. Vertical lined paper. '50' is 5.5mm high on the back. Series 9. Crudely printed using wood block and poor grade paper. Symbol of Constitution. Handcut.
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There were three denominations of these short-lived banknotes: 10,20 & 50 att. They were printed crudely on poor quality paper and the population of Lao rejected them. They were known as "Katay Dry banana leaves" named after Katay Don Sasorit who was the finance minister of the Lao Issara Government. The Lao people continued to use the French Indochina banknotes instead. There are 13 types/variations of this 50 att banknote.