SCWPM P45 20 Rupien German East African Banknote Very Fine VF (15/03/1915)

NB: Image for identification, the serial number you receive may differ if I have more than one

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P45     20 rupien 15/03/1915 VF $ 200.10 In Stock
P45 20 rupien 15/03/1915 VF $ 200.10 In Stock
Issued by German East African Bank. Printer: German East African newspaper G.m.b.H, Dar es Salaam. Lilac. Tear which has a tape mark visible from where someone has tried to mend it. One vertical centre fold.See scan. Tabora, March 15, 1915. Serial 51212.
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"Interim banknote the
German-East African Bank pays
the consignor of this banknote
at its cash registers in the German-East
African protected area without a
legitimation check; Twenty rupees;
Tabora, March 15, 1915;
German East African Bank,
Dar es Salaam Branch;
Registered by; In power of attorney;
The equivalent of this banknote is fully
deposited with the Imperial Gouvernement of German East Africa
. Kadri ya noti hii imewekwa sahihi katika Imperial Government of
German East Africa. Whoever copies or falsifies banknotes, or who fakes or falsifies them