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SCWPM PNew50 50 Pounds Scottish Banknote Uncirculated UNC (27/05/2020)

NB: Image for identification, the serial number you receive may differ if I have more than one

SCWPM The Banknote Book Prefix / Suffix Denom Unit Year Grade Price Stock
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PNew50   AA 50 pounds 27/05/2020 UNC $ 128.25 In Stock
PNew50 AA 50 pounds 27/05/2020 UNC $ 128.25 In Stock
Polymer. Portrait of Flora Stevenson (1839-1905),Philanthropist and educational pioneer. Randolph Crescent, Edinburgh. Signature: Alison Rose. 146mm x 77mm. Two Osprey birds & a mackerel. Printer: De La Rue. UV Fluorescence. Gemini UV Printing. RB113a
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If you place the note under an Ultra Violet light you will see hidden lines of poetry appear between the visible poetry to the left of the clear window. The lines of poetry read ‘The forests hum with feathers, But where are now the men?’ Holographic foil stripe featuring the RBS logo above a number '50' with Ladies Bedstraw flowers in the background. Quote: "What Miss Stevenson did not know about education was not worth knowing". An excerpt from the poem 'Nettles' by Neil Munro.
Background imagery of Ladies Bedstraw, a botanical used in the dyeing process.
The first two line in the visible layer "There's deer upon the hillside, There's sheep along the glen."
Key Contributing Creators on the Project:
Jeni Lennox - Project Lead
De la Rue - Speciality printing & security
Nile - Engagement & Workshops
O Street - Creative and Graphic Design
Stuco Design - Illustration
Timorous Beasties - Illustration
Peter Dibdin - Landscape Photographer
Victoria Johnson - Photographer
Literature - Alan Riach
Calligraphy - Susie Leiper