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SCWPM P338a 1,000 Custom Gold Units Chinese Banknote Very Fine / Extremely Fine VF/EF (1947)

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P338a     1,000 custom gold units 1947 VF/EF $ 13.34 In Stock
P338a 1,000 custom gold units 1947 VF/EF $ 13.34 In Stock
Sun Yat-sen at top. Printer Chung HWA Book Co. Ltd. Customs House building in Shanghai. Vertical format note. No watermark or security thread. Signatures: Ping Liang & Chen Yanzuo. 1947 - 36th year of the Republic
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The Chinese Customs Gold Units, issued in Shanghai in 1930, served as vital instruments for customs payments. However, their significance expanded during and post-World War II, as they became widely circulated. Notable for featuring Sun Yat-sen on the obverse and the Customs building on the reverse, these notes were issued by the Central Bank of China. The promise to pay the bearer fifty Customs Gold Units in Shanghai, 1930, was backed by the bank. Printed by the American Bank Note Company, production of these notes extended into the 1940s, shaping the economic landscape of Shanghai significantly.

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