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SCWPM P111a 1000 Drachmai Greek Banknote Extremely Fine EF (1939)

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P111a     1000 drachmai 1939 EF $ 18.90 In Stock
P111a 1000 drachmai 1939 EF $ 18.90 In Stock
Two female cousins in traditional costume at left. Lion of Chaironia in country scene on reverse. Printer: Bradbury, Wilkinson & Co Ltd, London. Watermark: Apollo. This is the overprint of P108 - 100 drachmai that was never issued. GPM CA112.
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1940 1,000 Drachmai Banknote: A Story of Resilience in Wartime Greece
The 1940 1,000 drachmai banknote is a unique and fascinating piece of Greek history. It is one of the few banknotes issued during the Second World War, and it features two young girls from the village of Skopia, Florina, in Greece. The taller girl is called Paschalini Zoli, and the other is Melpomene Zoli. They were cousins.
The banknote was issued at the start of the Greek-Italian war, reflecting the challenges Greece faced at the time. Ships transporting goods are a target in combat. Another incident was the ship Zakynthos, which sunk in the port of Monemvasia along with a torpedo ship, Kydoniai. Printing Firms in London had difficulty obtaining the necessary paper and ink supplies. Despite these challenges, the banknote was printed and issued, a testament to the resilience of the Greek people in the face of war.
The banknote is also notable for its overprinted value. The original value of the banknote was 100 drachmai; this was unissued and then used with an overprint value of '1000 drachmai' due to short supplies. Overprinted banknotes show the desperation of the time and the need to keep the economy running.
The 1940 1000 drachmai banknote is a reminder of the human faces behind the Second World War historical events. It is a story of resilience and determination in the face of adversity.
The three UK printers with the contracts were Thomas De La Rue & Co., Waterlow & Co. and Bradbury & Wilkinson & CO, Ltd.

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