SCWPM P184a TBB B804a 5 Centavos Brazilian Banknote Uncirculated UNC (1966-67)

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P184a TBB B804a 1138 5 centavos (1966-67) UNC $ 4.82 In Stock
P184a TBB B804a 1138 5 centavos (1966-67) UNC $ 4.82 In Stock
Overprint on P179 50 cruzeiros note. Black circular overprint with BANCO CENTRAL & new denomination. Error with spelling of "minstro." Printer:Thomas De La Rue.. Allegorical woman. Princess Isabel. No watermark or security thread. Series 1138A
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Spelling error "minstro", this was later corrected in 184b. The spelling error is located below the right signature. It gets harder each year to buy these overprinted notes at reasonable prices; the 'minstro/ministro' spelling error varieties adds to their attractiveness, I think! They were printed by Thomas de la Rue.

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