SCWPM P53b TBB B513b 10,000 Pesos Uruguayan Banknote Uncirculated UNC (1974)

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P53b TBB B513b B 10,000 pesos (1974) UNC $ 9.76 In Stock
P53b TBB B513b B 10,000 pesos (1974) UNC $ 9.76 In Stock
Coat of Arms. Jose Gervasio Artigas. Palace Esteze. Printer:TDLR. Series B.Watermark: Artigas and 10,000 pattern. Solid security thread printed URUGUAY. Signatures: Walter Garrido, Juan Cesaar Pacchiotti & Carlos Ricchi. 8 digit serial number.
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Jose Artigas was an extremely important hero in Uruguayan history. Born in Montevideo on June 19th 1764, he died in Paraguay in September 23rd 1850.

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