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SCWPM P78a 1 Yuan Chinese Banknote Very Fine / Extremely Fine VF/EF (1936)

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P78a   AB 1 yuan 1936 VF/EF $ 23.22 In Stock
P78a AB 1 yuan 1936 VF/EF $ 23.22 In Stock
Stain mark on paper. Sun Yat-sen at left. Junk boat. Printer: Thomas de la Rue, London. Signatures: Song Hanzhang & Tsuyee Pei. No watermark or security thread. S/M C294-210
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Bank of China (中国银行)

(Mandarin - Zhong Guo Yin Hang) (Wade Giles - Chong Kuo Yin Hang)
. S/M C294-201 Signature combination AC
Sun Yat Sen at left in green print/ junk ship in central circular panel.
Printer is Thomas De La Rue

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