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SCWPM P1941 TBB B327a 100 Yuan Chinese Banknote Very Fine + VF+ (1947)

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P1941 TBB B327a   100 yuan 1947 VF+ £ 20.00 In Stock
P1941 TBB B327a 100 yuan 1947 VF+ £ 20.00 In Stock
Bank building with flag at left. Sun Yat-sen at centre. Map at right. Naval battle scene on reverse.
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map note. This Taiwanese note illustrates the Siege of Fort Zeelandia, a Dutch settlement on a peninsula on the coast of Taiwan.
In 1661, the General Zheng Chenggong laid siege to it with 400 ships. After 10 months, the Dutch surrendered and were allowed to leave peacefully.
The circular vignette on the back of this note shows the battle in action and you can just make out the defensive walls of the Fort.

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