SCWPM P29a TBB B129a 500 Tenge Kazakhstan Banknote Uncirculated UNC (2006)

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P29a TBB B129a   500 tenge 2006 UNC $ 6.21 In Stock
P29a TBB B129a 500 tenge 2006 UNC $ 6.21 In Stock
Hand at left. Monument at centre. Sea birds and building on back.Watermark: Snow leopard with electrotype 500 & animal. Printer: BFONBK. Signature: Anvar Saidenov. Map note.
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This erstwhile somewhat impoverished U S S R state now finds itself 'passing rich' in potential with considerable oil and gas strikes. The ' fly in the ointment with be that it must use Russian controlled pipelines for many of its sales but half a rich cake is better than none and the currency will have real backing with 'black gold'.. Younger collectors could do worse than adding this new country to their existing collecting areas; it should be an interesting area.Windowed security thread with demetalized 500 & text.

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