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Banknotes for Sale: British Transition Town Money

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Buy SCWPM The Banknote Book Prefix / Suffix Denom Unit Year Grade Price
GREAT BRITAIN > Bath Local Coupon Currency
GREAT BRITAIN > Bristol Local pound
GREAT BRITAIN > Brixton Local currency
GREAT BRITAIN > Calderdale Green Local Currency
GREAT BRITAIN > Exeter Local Currency
GREAT BRITAIN > Kingston Local Currency
GREAT BRITAIN > Lake District Local pound currency
GREAT BRITAIN > Lewes Local Currency
GREAT BRITAIN > Stroud Pound
GREAT BRITAIN > Tooting Pound
GREAT BRITAIN > Totnes Pound, Devon
GREAT BRITAIN > Wales - Black Sheep Company of Wales Ltd
GREAT BRITAIN > Wales, Hay Powys Local currency
GREAT BRITAIN > Walthamstow local currency
SCOTLAND > Ekopia Trading Vouchers - Local currency scheme

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