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About Us

Welcome to my World Paper Money website; whether you are a new visitor or a seasoned old friend, you’re more than welcome.

My name is Kate Gibson; I am a Life Member of the IBNS and have had contact with banknotes and paper money as long as I can remember. My Late Father, Keith Gibson, started his coin and note collection in 1955 then dealing in the same in 1968. By the end of 1970, he dumped the ‘small change’ as it were, and dealt only in notes. He was also a Life Member of the IBNS and was very enthusiastic about the benefits of joining a Society of like-minded people.

I pride myself on offering my customers a friendly, reliable & efficient service providing high-quality notes at competitive prices. I am particularly fussy about my grading and aim to offer 100% satisfaction on every note. As a result of this, my business has grown extremely quickly with some very positive feedback from regular customers. If you are an eBay aficionado then you may like to check out my feedback

An added service I offer is to send out emails advising interested collectors when new stock is listed. You are very welcome to add your details to my email notification list on the home page. I will then send you out a monthly email directing you to the new stock section of my website. However, you might like to revisit my site more regularly as I strive to update this website every day with new notes, offers and information.

The Website allows you to pay safely through Paypal or Global Iris secure site; Global Iris are very ‘hot’ on updating their security systems, you’ll be pleased to learn. Alternatively, you are able to produce your own order for ‘print out’ should you wish to pay by another means.

I like my job – every day is different and I want you to enjoy your hobby. Collecting banknotes and paper money can be rewarding, exciting and instructive and I strive to minimize my errors so that difficulties with your dealer do not mar your pleasure; we don’t have many problems but, being human, I make sure when they do happen, they are rectified or resolved as soon as possible.

The collector has the pleasure of locating many different items – some may be rare and some may be beautiful. Eventually, he/she finds that a lot of knowledge was gathered along the way in several different fields, some of which might change the way they look at this fascinating world.
Do you have questions? Then feel free to contact me – I will try to reply as soon as possible but it might take a few days if I am very busy with orders.

I am also a keen buyer of quality notes - if YOU ARE selling, please contact me.

I hope that you find something to enhance your collection on my website. However, if you are looking for a specific note that is not detailed please feel free to email me as I have some stock that is not listed.

Happy Collecting!

Kate ©

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Last updated 02/05/2018