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The International Bank Note Society (IBNS)

Looking to delve into captivating and enlightening articles about your hobby? The International Bank Note Society (IBNS) offers precisely that and more. With newsletters and a quarterly journal, this society ensures collectors stay informed about recent developments and initiatives in the world of banknotes.

Whether you're a new or seasoned collector, all are welcome, and we encourage you to become a member. Explore the IBNS website for comprehensive information. On their site, you'll find a valuable link to a gallery of paper money. The benefits this society offers extend far beyond what I can mention here.

For detailed insights and to access the Paper Money gallery, visit the IBNS website: [www.theibns.org/](www.theibns.org/)

If you're interested in joining this society for paper money collectors, you can find further information at [http://https://www.theibns.org/join](http://https://www.theibns.org/join). The IBNS warmly welcomes inquiries from those considering membership, and I strongly recommend joining.

IBNS membership comes with numerous perks, such as:

- Bringing together individuals with a shared interest in banknotes.
- Receiving the award-winning IBNS Journal quarterly, covering diverse aspects of banknotes and the Society's activities.
- Participating in a forum on the IBNS Website for members to discuss matters and ask questions.

The annual cost of IBNS membership is $36.00 USD (£28.00 GBP, Euro €32.00 or $48.00 AUD). To become a member, complete the application [here](http://https://www.theibns.org/join).

Don't miss out on the enriching experience of being an IBNS member—join us today!

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Last updated 10/06/2024