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The International Bank Note Society (IBNS)

Want to read interesting and informative articles about your hobby? The IBNS provide these and much more. With newsletters and a quarterly journal, the International Bank Note Society helps collectors to keep abreast of recent developments and initiatives.

Both New & Advanced Collectors are very welcome.

Why not take a look at the IBNS website for more detailed information?
Within their website there is a link to a gallery of Paper Money which is very useful indeed.
Also, you will find many more benefits that this society can offer you, more than I have room to list!

The IBNS website address is : www.theibns.org/

For further information on how to join this Society for paper money collectors contact:

Email: general-secretary@ibns.biz

The IBNS is always happy to hear from anyone who is considering joining the society. I would strongly urge you to join.

Membership Fees are detailed on the website.

An 'Introduction to Banknotes & Banknote Collecting Guide' written by the IBNS.

Last updated 11/12/2018