In order to comply with the EU e-Privacy Directive we are required to tell you about how this web site uses cookies.

Our own code does not write cookies to the hard drive of your computer unless you have an account and tick the “Keep me signed in” option when you sign in (see below).

Our code uses “session cookies” which are stored in your computer's memory and which do not collect any information from your computer. Session cookies exist only for the duration of your visit – when the browser is closed or has been inactive for 20 minutes, all session cookies are deleted from your computer's memory.

We use session cookies to:
  • Keep track of your shopping basket – the contents of your basket are stored in our database, the cookie contains only the id of your basket and is not created until you add an item to your basket
  • Keep track of your chosen shopping currency (GBP, USD or EUR) and the exchange rate for that currency
  • Keep track of your user id, if you have logged-in
  • Keep track of loyalty point spending / earning for your current order, if you have logged-in and are a member of our loyalty scheme
All of these session cookies are essential to the operation of our web site. Without them you would not be able to place an order.

If you have an account and tick the “Keep me signed in” option when you sign in, then to make this possible we have to create three cookies on your computer to store your:
  • Customer ID
  • Default Currency
  • Loyalty scheme membership
Our site uses Google Analytics to help us understand how people find and use our web site. Google's code creates cookies in order to provide us with this information. An explanation of how Google Analytics uses cookies can be found here.

If you do not wish our site / Google Analytics to store cookies on your PC you must disable cookies in your browser settings.

Last updated 06/03/2014