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SCWPM PNIPLD5 5 Pounds British Banknote Uncirculated UNC (2019)

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PNIPLD5     5 pounds 2019 UNC $ 12.70 Sold Out
PNIPLD5 5 pounds 2019 UNC $ 12.70 Sold Out
The LD£5 celebrates ‘Creativity and Freedom’, featuring Rebecca Gill’s artistic portrait of children’s author Beatrix Potter and a view across Buttermere in the Western Lake District.
Tags: #rabbit#beatrixpotter#frog#mouse#animals#landscape#rebeccagill (suggest tags)
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The scheme has now been discontinued. Here is the original information from when it was running "The Lake District Pound is designed to boost trade in local businesses, as well as create profit through souvenir sales, and will be used to help fund community and environmental schemes.

It has been developed by the Lakes Currency Project, an independent start-up company set up by Ken Royall, who lives near Windermere and is originally from Barrow.

Profit from souvenir sales will be used to fund community and environmental projects."

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